The namespace "physical" contains the basic entities of this library, namely FixedPhysical, DynamicPhysical and the operations thereon:

        physical {FixedPhysical, +, -, *, /, FixedPhysicalBase, FixedPhysicalSum, FixedPhysicalProduct, 
                                                FixedPhysicalRatio, DynamicPhysical, +, -, *, /,  DynamicUnit, ..};

The namespace "physical::quantity" contains types to store certain physical quantities, like length or mass. These are template instantiations from FixedPhysical class template.

        physical::quantity { scalar, length, mass, time, ..}

The namespace "physical::unit" contains a list of units with their long SI name, i.e. physical quantities to which other quantities may be compared to.

        physical::unit { unity, meter, kilogram, second, ceslius..};

The namespace "physical::unitsymbol" contains a list of units, but this time, in short form.

        physical::unitsymbol { m, kg, s, ..};

The namespace "physical::format" contains classes and operations that are usefull to output physical quantities.

        physical::format { FormatSpec, Dimension, format};

The namespace "physical::parser" provides a parser that is able to parse the output from the "physical::format", so that you will be able to read the written data in (from a file or other) again.

        physical::parser { unit_parser };

The "detail" namespaces contain miscelaneous implementation details, that should not be of interest to the user of the library. The contents may change at any time without prior notice.

        physical::detail { zero_vector, dimension_vector, FixedExponents, plus, minus, 
                                                DynamicExponents, +, -, DynamicScale, ..};
        physical::format::detail { single_dimension, automatic_dimension, format_to_spec };

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